2020 SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM)

The Approyo executive team will be meeting with SAP partner and sales teams at the 2020 SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) on January 15-17, 2020 at the Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The SAP FKOM Las Vegas program includes:

Global and Regional Keynotes (Day 1/Day 2)

SAP Board members, regional leaders and guests offering insight on strategy and their vision of the future.

Best-Run Forum (Day 1)

Theaters, showcases, demos and interactive sessions that bring the “Experience Matters” story to life.

Partner Connection Hub (Day 1)

One-stop-shop for all things partner-related at SAP FKOM Las Vegas. The Partner Connection Hub features SAP staff on hand to help answer questions from our partner ecosystem.

Partner Enablement Sessions (Day 2)

Role-based workshops that will focus on building competency by industry, a line of business or solution portfolio.