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Certifications for SAP HANA
Production Environments

Cloud computing is everywhere these days. According to a recent study, businesses in the United States will spend over $13 billion on Cloud Computing and hosting services by 2015. With more and more cloud options available, the level of expertise and facilities provided by solution providers are becoming increasingly important factors. To design, manage, and operate the critical infrastructure your business depends on, you need the most authoritative, evidence-based, and unbiased guidance. For the best SAP HANA technology solutions, Approyo has partnered with PCM. This partnership provides businesses with the best expertise and facilities in the industry.

SAP HANA Certified Experts
SAP HANA is an in-memory database that massively improves performance of existing SAP applications, and enables business transformation via real-time analytics and transaction execution.

When you run SAP HANA, you want to ensure you are
receiving enterprise-level reliability, availability, scalability,
manageability and security to meet your needs. SAP
partners have to be certified in specific technology and
expertise in order to provide SAP HANA Services.

Approyo recently completed certifications for SAP HANA Operations Services and SAP Infrastructure Operations Services.

To achieve these certifications from SAP, Approyo and PCM’s infrastructure, physical and logical security measures, processes, portal, and technical staff went through extensive review by SAP to validate the operational integration of its support of SAP applications to help ensure compliance with SAP’s requirements for quality, availability and security. To ensure ongoing high standards for the management of SAP solutions, SAP-certified providers perations services undergo a rigorous assessment of their delivery and support capabilities every two years by SAP’s outsourcing partner certification group.

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