Demystifying SAP HANA

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Approyo Presents:
Demystifying SAP HANA in the Cloud

SAP HANA is a relational database that runs in-memory for fast access, allowing business analysts to query large quantities of data without having to wait for the database to read and write data. This speed allows users to explore and analyze both analytical and transactional data from almost any data source.

However, SAP HANA has some common myths throughout the technology world. SAP HANA cloud
solutions helped change the way SAP HANA is deployed and used.

Myth #1. SAP HANA takes months to deploy

One common myth with SAP HANA is that slow implementations can be costly. Traditionally, on-premises SAP HANA projects can take months to fully deploy. The longer it takes to deploy SAP HANA, the longer it takes to realize the ROI benefits. Rapid deployments can increase ROI. Most organizations can expect a cloud-based SAP HANA implementation in less than 30 days and in some cases, under a week.

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