SAP HANA Case Study

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Approyo SAP HANA Case Study:
Moving to the Cloud

SearchYourCloud (SYC) takes a completely different approach to search that allows you to enter natural language keywords that are meaningful to you. To do this, SYC needed a highly sophisticated algorithm to identify patterns to search for all possible sources safely and securely to create a short pinpointed list.


To take the next steps and fit the vision of the company, SYC knew it needed to update its environments. SYC had an expensive big on-premises data solution. This solution had no cloud component to it and the support and licensing costs were very expensive. Because of the high cost, SYC was unable to implement all the Big Data projects that were required. This new solution needed to be in the cloud with full licensing support and improved overall technical support at a lower cost to fit their future needs.


The approach used by the Approyo team was exceptional. Approyo’s guidance and support during the purchasing and setup stages were second to none.

Simon Bain, CEO SearchYourCloud

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