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Can I achieve predictable response times for ad hoc queries with SAP HANA?

SAP HANA Platform vs. Disk-Based Database with In-Memory Cache

SAP HANA YES - Predictable response times

SAP HANA In-memory

SAP HANA Platform maintains data in-memory by default, and all queries - planned and unplanned (ad-hoc) - have real-time access to the data they need and can return results in a predictable amount of time. It is possible to estimate response times using processors' scan speed, memory access time and size of data accessed by a query. SAP HANA also maintains one single copy of the data to be used for both analytical and transactional workloads, eliminating possible delays related to data synchronization and ensuring all queries are performed on fresh data.

Disk-Based Database with In-Memory Cache NO - No predictable response times