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Saving the Trucking Industry with SAP HANA and Approyo webinar on-demand

Did you miss our recent webinar: Saving the Trucking Industry with SAP HANA and Approyo? View it anytime on-demand. See real world benefits of SAP HANA and Approyo in the Trucking industry. ​ By harnessing the power of SAP HANA and Approyo, CTG was able to create a one-of-a-kind predictive analysis to improve their business.

View this webinar and learn more about:

  • Why CTG decided to choose Approyo and SAP HANA?

  • How did CTG move to a hosted solution from Approyo?

  • What are the benefits CTG is seeing today?

  • And more

See the Benefits of SAP HANA today with Approyo! Approyo can help your company deal with the changing world. Our SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these important questions and more. Let us show you today! Set up a free consultation today.

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