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Can I run transactions and analytics on the same system without adding more DRAM and CPU resources?

SAP HANA Platform vs. Disk-Based Database with In-Memory Cache SAP HANA YES - Because SAP HANA requires only one copy of data.

SAP HANA Platform is designed to take advantage of the latest hardware innovations. It utilizes SIMD instructions, advanced parallelization with multi-core processors and data compression to maximize CPU and RAM utilization. This allows for processing mixed workloads on the same system and on the same copy of data with the most efficient utilization of system resources.

Disk-Based Database with In-Memory Cache

NO -Because data is copied and stored multiple times for transactions and analytics.

To process transactional and analytical workloads on the same system, disk-based databases need to use specialized in-memory caches. To leverage this new technology layer the database not only has to create multiple data copies and keep them synchronized, but in addition must also route incoming requests to the appropriate data copies. This increases the amount of CPU and memory required and delays system response.

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