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Ask Approyo: Is SAP HANA just a database?

This is common question we receive all the time. Is SAP HANA just a database?

No. When SAP went to build HANA, they realized that the next generation of business applications would require a much more integrated approach than in the past.

SAP HANA Database

SAP HANA contains – out of the box – the building blocks for entire enterprise applications. SAP HANA can take care of the requirements that would be served by many layers in other application platforms, including transactional databases, reporting databases, integration layers, search, predictive and web. All of this is served up working out the box, with a single installation.

Enter SAP HANA Ignite from Approyo!

Approyo’s SAP HANA Ignite delivers your team the solution you need and the services to enable continuous and effective use of SAP HANA to meet strategic and daily needs of business operations. The Solution provides the services and tools that enable you to minimize the cost and risk associated with having the HANA systems up and running. SAP HANA Ignite solution empower companies and public sector organizations of all sizes to:

  • Process enormous volumes of data at unprecedented speeds

  • Drive greater efficiencies through existing processes

  • Enable innovative analytics, cloud and mobile applications

As you transform your organization into a real-time business, you will be better able to capture new opportunities, speed up innovation and streamline your operations - all for a healthier bottom line.

Try SAP HANA and Approyo today Approyo is the leader in SAP HANA and S/4HANA deployments. Bring your data and licenses, we’ll set up a POC/sandbox in our environment for you to see how SAP HANA works in the cloud and can help your business. Get started today...

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