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Ask Approyo: What is the difference between the old SAP Business Suite code line and the new SAP S/4

The development approach of SAP S/4HANA is to eliminate all artefacts that have been introduced as performance workarounds for classical row-based RDBMS. These are aggregates and programmed indexes that contained no semantic value and only provided fast access to sums and data. On the downside, these created interconnections in the application and complexity in how to lock the system to avoid conflicting updates in aggregates. Moreover, significant code had to be developed for lengthy ETL (extract-transformload) scenarios incurring data preparation and exception management routines caused by latency.

This portion of the code did not carry business semantic in itself, but served as “performance proliferation” in business processes.

With SAP S/4 HANA, these different types of workaround on restrictions based on technical limitations are no longer necessary, as the latest information and the time travel from the columnar store can be accessed instantaneously across all inserts and updates and therefore eliminates the need for any overhead of the index and aggregates.

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