• Christopher Carter

Ask Approyo – Why Alice in Wonderland?

You may have noticed that we use Alice in Wonderland imagery throughout our website, presentations and social media. Have you ever wondered why we use that image? Hear directly from Approyo CEO Christopher Carter.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books” says Christopher Carter. “I love the adventure and the Mad Hatter is one of my all-time favorite characters. It’s a pleasure to be able to read the book to my daughters now.

When Chris started Approyo, he was looking for an identity, something that is a bit out there. Chris saw the book sitting on his bookshelf and found the graphic that is now on the website. It just all fell together from there!

The leap you have to take from being an entrepreneur and the leap it takes to get customers to the new world of Big Data and SAP, it just fell into that world of Alice in Wonderland for me” adds Carter.

The Alice in wonderland image has been the main image Approyo has used since 2012.

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