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Ask Approyo - How does SAP HANA 2 help my company innovate?

Data has become your most valuable business asset, but it remains a largely untapped resource unless you can effectively empower your business users to find it, explore it, combine it, and act on insights. SAP announced SAP HANA 2 at SAP TechEd Barcelona earlier this month. SAP HANA 2 is designed to help companies get the most of of thier data.

SAP HANA 2 converges infrastructure into a single platform, helping you transform by:

  • Running a modern, in-memory platform in the cloud or on premise to free IT staff for more innovation

  • Harnessing an in-memory database to process data delivered to mission-critical applications, along with using analytical tools to power real-time business

  • Allowing you to access data from anywhere on the digital highway and providing flexible tools to help you build in quality and integrate solutions

  • Enhancing applications with analytical intelligence using multimodel analytical processing against various types of data, including business, text, spatial, graph, and streaming data

  • Providing an agile environment for designing and deploying applications that delight your business users and your company’s customers and partners

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