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Run Simple in the digital economy

Drive digital transformation with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity


The business landscape is increasingly digital, networked and complex. It is expected that by the end of 2020, there will be 9 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. The number of connected devices will increase nearly 30-fold in just over a decade, growing from about 900 million connected devices in 2009 to more than 30 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things will create over $3 trillion in economic opportunities by 2025.

We are in the middle of a digital transformation where every business is becoming a digital business and change is coming fast. Businesses need to face it – or get disrupted. However, complexity stands in a way of the digital transformation effort.

Complexity comes at an enormous cost High levels of complexity are exacting a real, ongoing toll on businesses. According to the survey of more than 750 business managers by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBRAS), 86% of respondents feel that their business processes and decision making had become so complex as to hinder their ability to grow in a digital economy. In fact, the 200 biggest companies in the world are losing over 10% of their annual profit because of complexity – over $237 billion. How do we pull ourselves out from this expanding quagmire of complexity?

The answer is SIMPLE Run your enterprise with the ultimate sophistication – simplicity.

Simple is about mastering the complexity that is inevitable and turning it into a competitive advantage. So that you can generate new opportunities for innovation and growth. Forge new partnerships in the digital economy. Create unique advantages. Transform supply chains.

Today Approyo and SAP is making it simple for organizations to implement better solutions to innovate and simple for people to more easily control the complexity in their jobs and lives. New software from SAP lets you rethink enterprise management, simplify and run the organization in real time, and connect people, networks, and systems.

Let Approyo help! Approyo can help your company deal with the changing world. Our SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these trends. Let us show you how! Set up a free consultation today.

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