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Ask Approyo - SAP HANA 2

You've probably heard the exciting news about the launch of SAP HANA 2. Now hear more about the latest version of SAP HANA and more from Approyo CEO Christopher Carter. Chris talks in-depth about some of the new features and functionality of SAP HANA 2 and gives us a glimpse of the future.

What is SAP HANA?

Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that lets you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

With SAP HANA 2, our next-generation platform, IT departments can break free from time-consuming database and data management tasks – and shift their focus to technology innovation. Application developers can use SAP HANA 2 to deliver smart applications that leverage advanced analytic processing and empower all users – employees, customers, and partners – with deeper insight into any data, from anywhere. And with cloud-based microservices that extend analytic intelligence to spatial and text data, it becomes easier to deliver insight-driven solutions that improve decision-making and business results

How does SAP HANA work? SAP HANA combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and flexible data acquisition tools in a single, in-memory platform. As an in-memory database, SAP HANA stores and retrieves data used by applications. It can also act as a modern-day warehouse, integrating data from a wide variety of data sources with live transactional data to deliver up-to-date insights. Built-in application services support the development and deployment of new business apps that exploit data from the digital highway and leverage advanced data processing – text search and analytics, predictive analytics, spatial data processing, graph data processing, and streaming analytics – to deliver deeper insight from Big Data and the Internet of Things at unprecedented speed.

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