• Chris Carter

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Techies

Some people are getting coal for Christmas this year. But for those who have made the “nice” list... it’s a great year for some really cool gifts in technology.

If you’re looking to buy for the good little men and women into technology... I’d start with the basics.

This techie gift might sound unusual, but consider a new router/Wi-Fi device called EERO. Basically this is Mesh based Wi-Fi in the secured format that allows you to set up your Wi-Fi in your central location ….but get this. You then plug in into a wall socket, and using the electricity in the wiring of your house, individual pods in those pods help you get a much better Wi-Fi signal in a more secure Wi-Fi signal.

Next one I really like is VR. I'm all about virtual reality and there are number of different virtual reality solutions, from Google, Samsung and others. Now as much as I really like them, it's a new technology, so they're not the perfect virtual reality box or eyewear. But what they do is give you the belief that you are involved inside that game or the solution.

We're talking about Samsung’s VR solution and Google VR - these are all great tools that you can use for virtual reality.

Now, I'm not sure if virtual reality solutions are not going to be “great” over the next few years, but they are still a ton of fun and you will still have the ability to see 3D action such as falling off of a cliff or going swimming underwater with outstanding movie graphics.

One of the gifts that every technologist must have is the Amazon echo, this comes in either a Dot, the original version or a wireless version called the Tap. The Alexa app is fantastic. It has an ability to be able to utilize her for all the activities that you need such as your calendar, fantasy football or your day-to-day schedule. The voice recognition of Alexa is truly fantastic… with incredible third-party apps that are now available in the Amazon store there's freeware as well as paid apps that you can use with your Amazon Echo. It truly gives you the ability to have a voice automated assistant right there in your office, your kitchen, living room or your bedroom that will take care of your heat and cooling temperature settings and all other activities as programmed… a must have!

My last pick for this Christmas season is the new Nintendo called the NES Classic Edition. It brings me back to my youth. It comes preloaded with 23 of Nintendo’s most popular games including Mario and all the different activities that he had. It’s definitely one of those fun toys to play on your phone or on a new handheld machine. Forget Pokemon - we’re going with some major old school fun here.

Well, those are my choices for this year's Christmas gifts for us techies. If you have one of us in your family, I highly recommend looking at them - I think there's some cool fun toys and remember Christmas is about giving!