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2016 Year in Review - Ask Approyo

As we end the year, we like to look back at some of the biggest news from 2016. This year we introduced a new blog series called "Ask Approyo". This series focuses on real questions we receive from customers, prospects and partners. Throughout the year we continued to answer questions and the blog series morphed into a video series with over 40 posts. Here are some of the most popular posts from 2016

1. Ask Approyo: How can SAP S/4HANA impact small or medium size businesses?

Drive Instant Value to your Business with Approyo and SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA is the digital core designed to drive instant insight across all mission critical business processes that also interconnects all aspects of your value chain in real-time: workforce, customers, suppliers, assets and the Internet of Things. Read more....

2. Ask Approyo: Oracle and SAP

Recently Oracle acquired NetSuite. With this announcement, many people have been asking, what’s the big difference between Oracle and SAP? In fact, Approyo CEO Christopher Carter was recently featured in an article on Talkin Cloud about whether MSPs should offer Oracle and SAP. Hear directly from Christopher Carter as he talks about Oracle and SAP. Read more...

3. Ask Approyo: What are the key benefits for moving to SAP S/4HANA now?

SAP S/4HANA is designed to drive instant value across lines of business and industries with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. SAP S/4HANA is only built on SAP HANA because, as of today, only the SAP HANA platform can deliver such level of massive simplifications and innovations. Read more....

Thank you for a great 2016! Let's make 2017 even better! Are you ready to experience SAP HANA? Don’t let the new digital world pass you by. Approyo can help your company deal with the changing world. Our SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these important questions and more. Let us show you today! Set up a free consultation.

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