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Tips for Choosing the Best Technology Partner - Part 1: SAP

Picking the right technology partner can be a daunting task. You want to make sure this is the start of a long lasting successful partnership. In this new blog series, we will explore some of the top questions to address when picking a specific partner. Starting with part 1, we will take a look at some questions to ask a potential SAP partner.

A successful SAP partner is determined by a number of factors, and selecting the right provider is high on the list. What questions should you ask your potential SAP Partner and what are some important things to look for?

1. Expertise – What does the SAP partner specialize in? This usually the most important consideration when looking for an SAP partner. Some partners have a single focus on a specific SAP solution while others claim to do it all. It’s important discover the partner’s main strengths and make sure those strengths align to your project.