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Tips for Choosing the Best Technology Partner - Part 1: SAP

Picking the right technology partner can be a daunting task. You want to make sure this is the start of a long lasting successful partnership. In this new blog series, we will explore some of the top questions to address when picking a specific partner. Starting with part 1, we will take a look at some questions to ask a potential SAP partner.

A successful SAP partner is determined by a number of factors, and selecting the right provider is high on the list. What questions should you ask your potential SAP Partner and what are some important things to look for?

1. Expertise – What does the SAP partner specialize in? This usually the most important consideration when looking for an SAP partner. Some partners have a single focus on a specific SAP solution while others claim to do it all. It’s important discover the partner’s main strengths and make sure those strengths align to your project.

What does Approyo Offer? Approyo brings a wealth of experience from around the world. We’ve worked with small and medium size companies all the way up to larger entries. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping customers realize the business benefits of big data, the internet of things and cloud computing. We are dedicated to the success of our customers by providing expertise to help facilitate business growth, improve efficiency and increase profitability. And, because we have experts around the world, we are available 24x7 for support.

Through SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Hadoop and other solutions, we make big data worry-free by handling your licensing, cloud environments, backup, support and ongoing services. This enables customers to experience the benefits of digital transformation without disruption, while minimizing cost and risk.

2. Certifications – Does your SAP partner have the right SAP certifications? What about Data Center and Hosting Certifications? When you run SAP HANA, you want to ensure you are receiving enterprise-level reliability, availability, scalability, manageability and security to meet your needs. SAP partners have to be certified in specific technology and expertise in order to provide SAP HANA Services. Additionally, there are many non-SAP certifications regarding hosting that are important. Your data is the most important resource your company has. Make sure your partner has the certifications in place to keep your data safe and secure.

What Does Approyo offer? Approyo recently achieved a new level of certification from SAP for the Cloud. Approyo is now the first North America SAP partner to have certifications for the Cloud, SAP HANA operations and Infrastructure Operations Services along with our partner PCM.

We host our SAP environments in a Tier III data center. Tier III facilities defined by the Uptime Institute’s tiered classification system. These enterprise class hosting facilities provide security-rich, controlled environments and high availability design features for business critical applications environments that need protected against natural disasters, power outages, network issues and unauthorized access. SSAE 16 and PCI DSS purpose built Tier III data centers adhere to strict operational standards and offers a security-rich, controlled environment designed from the ground up for high availability.

3. Proven track record – A lot of partners can say they have success but can they prove it? Do they have the customer success stories to back up their claims? SAP implementations can be a complex process and you need to know that your SAP partner can provide you with the service and be successful. Check the partner’s website to see if they provide any use cases or case studies. Ask for customer references. Your partner should have customers that have successful stories and act as the partner’s biggest fans and supporters.

What does Approyo offer? Approyo helps customers achieve their dreams. Our solutions are tailored to our customer’s business needs. Our cloud environments are built from the ground up for SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Hadoop and other technology solutions. Our solutions allow for fast implementation and increased flexibly for customers of all shapes and sizes.

We offer a free case study: Saving the Trucking Industry with SAP HANA and Approyo on our website. This case study takes an in-depth look how an SAP HANA implementation at a large trucking company transformed the way they did business. Additionally, we can offer more success stories and the opportunity to speak with our clients as we continue down the path to working together.

Next steps… If you have an upcoming SAP project and need a great partner but are unsure about the options available for your business, Approyo offer in-depth, advisory meetings to help you explore the most suitable option available for your business. For more information, contact us….

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