• Chris Carter

Can you risk your career on a cloud outage?

Last week, the internet stood still for several hours as Amazon’s web servers went down. This impacted several thousand websites, companies and applications around the United States and world. Many businesses are still feeling the impact of this today.

During this outage, I was attending the SAPinsider HANA 2017 event in Orlando, Florida and talked to a number of people at the event that were impacted as it was happening. Seeing people slowly realize what was happening was a scary sight. First people realized there was some sort of outage, then they were looking for answers. After that, many realized they were losing money every minute the Amazon Server’s was down. After about 5 hours, the Amazon Web Servers ware back online to a degree, but the toll hit many companies at the event.

I talked with several CIOs at the event and the response was the same across the board. They lost millions during the server outage. Many companies have important business applications like SAP and websites that use amazon Web Services and they were completely offline during the outage.

One CIO in particular told me it costs his organization roughly a million dollars for every 15 minutes they were down. Think about that for a minute…. This outage costs this company approximately $20 to $25 million dollars for 5 hours of outage.

Can you risk losing that much money at your business for an outage?

This isn’t the first time that there has been a widespread outage to the cloud. In fact, Amazon has had a number of these outages over the past few years but this is the most significant outage yet.

5 hours… half a business day. What did you lose during that time… What can you do in the future to make sure this never happens again…

You need to do your homework. What does your SLA say? Is your data and applications backed up in multiple regions? These are things you need to think about when selecting a cloud provider. You are trusting your provider with the lifeblood of your business, your data.

At Approyo we offer solutions with this in mind. Our cloud environments are built with backup in mind, so you are protected if a server goes down. In fact, we are proud to say we have yet to have an outage at Approyo. The reason is that we plan ahead and built our environments specifically for SAP HANA and SAP applications. We have solutions and failovers in place for your data in case of an emergency. We back up information and data in multiple regions, so if one region is impacted, your data and applications are moved to another region and stay running.

At the end of the day, can your career and company withstand another major outage like the one that hit last week? You can’t afford to lose millions of dollars in revenue. You need a plan and environment in place that is ready for anything.

Your business is too important to be impacted by an outage of this scale ever again. Talk to us today. We can help you and your business with our SAP and SAP HANA solutions. Schedule some time to speak one-on-one with me and the team at Approyo.

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