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Ask Approyo - What is a Tier III Data Center

Your data is important. At Approyo we take security and outages very seriously. That is why we use Tier III Data Centers for our SAP HANA and SAP services. What exactly is a Tier III Data Center?

When it comes to building a reliable data center, the design must be considered early in the building development process and include coordinated efforts that cut across several areas of expertise including defined operational policy and practice, telecommunications, power, architecture, HVAC and physical security.

Each component of the data center and its supporting systems must be planned, designed, and implemented to work together to ensure reliable access of data center resources while supporting future requirements. Neglecting any aspect of the design can render the data center vulnerable to cost failures, early obsolescence and intolerable availability.

The Uptime Institute's tiered classification system is an industry standard approach to site infrastructure functionality and a Tier III classification certifies that the facility is composed of some of the following:

  • Location offset but easily accessible

  • Enable diverse, redundant network access for Public Internet and private network connections

  • Ensure fast provisioning for clients

  • Solutions powered by engineering and technical expertise

  • Designed to key TIA-942 specifications - Including power density of 210W/sq.ft. | 8kW rack or greater

  • Gated and fenced campus with limited access

  • Reinforced roof to withstand 100+ mph winds

  • Highly limited access to data center rooms

  • 3rd party remote witness monitoring of key security, fire, environmental and power systems

  • Security cameras monitor critical infrastructure

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