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Gain new insights from advanced analytical processing in SAP HANA

Leverage SAP HANA's in-memory advanced analytical processing capabilities – text, predictive, spatial, event streams, and time series – to build intelligent applications that provide deeper insights at unprecedented speed. And take advantage of predictive analytics, data mining, text analysis, and more.

Anticipate business outcomes Predict future outcomes with greater accuracy by harnessing the power of Big Data. With the ability to analyze any type of data – and seamlessly integrate with Hadoop, R, and SAS – SAP HANA in-database predictive analytics allow you to establish optimization best practices and speed decision making across your entire business.

Uncover new insights from spatial data Spatial processing with SAP HANA allows you to process and analyze massive amounts of spatial data in real time to reveal new patterns and trends, adding a valuable spatial dimension to business data. SAP HANA includes a multilayered spatial engine and supports spatial columns, spatial access methods, and spatial reference systems. With these enhanced GIS features, SAP HANA provides a single database for both your business and spatial data.

Get faster, broader insights from text Harness the value of all your business data. With SAP HANA, you can perform text analysis, text mining, and search to discover new insights from unstructured documents. And, when you process both structured and unstructured data in one platform, you can gain broader, contextual insights to improve decision making while benefiting from less data duplication and movement.

Detect and forecast trends in data Measure data over time to discover trends that can save you time and money. With SAP HANA series data processing, you can efficiently process large volumes of series data in conjunction with business data to assess business impact. Whether you are monitoring price fluctuations, season patterns, machine efficiency, energy consumption, or network flow, the ability to monitor data over time lets you discover and exploit patterns to your competitive advantage.

Extract real-time insight from streaming data Gain insight from event streams in real time – with a highly scalable processing engine in the SAP HANA platform that allows you to capture, analyze, and act on information streaming in from many sources. With SAP HANA smart data streaming, you can identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen, and respond immediately. Streaming data is continuously compared and correlated to data in the SAP HANA database, so your business can detect anomalies in real time and act accordingly.

Dynamically uncover valuable insight from interconnected data Unlock new possibilities by exploring the relationships among people, places, and things. SAP HANA graph data processing allows you to model and analyze the complex reality of highly connected data, using a familiar relational database. Gain access to intuitive modeling and visualization tools to easily create and navigate graphs, uncover patterns, calculate shortest paths, and understand relationships. With built-in graph algorithms you can easily create innovative applications that open new opportunities for your business. And because graph data processing is part of the SAP HANA platform, your data is always secure and available.

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