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When it comes to the cloud, Zero makes Approyo your Hero

Cloud outages and downtime can impact your business in a variety of ways. Earlier this year, Amazon Web Server went offline for several hours. This impacted several thousand websites, companies and applications around the United States and world.

The fallout from the Amazon cloud outage certainly didn't help dispel any fear around cloud security and downtime. And as Amazon continued to scramble to get its cloud services back online, many customers questioned the reliability of the cloud, Amazon's communication around the outage and whether they would be compensated for the downtime as part of their SLA.

Amazon's cloud outage wasn't the first, and it certainly won't be the last. A host of other cloud services have gone down in the past year, with Yahoo Mail, Microsoft BPOS and VMware being the most recent.

What is Downtime? Downtime means that a system or service is not working at a given time. The term is usually used in discussions about the provision of information technology systems or services.

Why is a zero a hero when it comes to the Cloud? Downtime means a loss in productivity and revenue. Can you afford to be without business-critical systems for minutes, hours or even days.

Approyo is your cloud hero.

We have yet to have a cloud outage impact our network. Additionally, we offer solutions with the threat of cloud outages in mind. Our cloud environments are built with backup in mind, so you are protected if a server goes down. In fact, we are proud to say we have yet to have an outage at Approyo. The reason is that we plan and built our environments specifically for SAP HANA and SAP applications. We have solutions and failovers in place for your data in case of an emergency. We back up information and data in multiple regions, so if one region is impacted, your data and applications are moved to another region and stay running. Download the Cloud Hero Infographic.

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