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Supercharge Your Business Applications with Spatial Analytics from SAP HANA

Take your analytics to the next level with the SAP HANA platform. By analyzing spatial data, you can add a new dimension of intelligence to your business, answering complex questions and gaining unprecedented competitive insight. Spatial data describes a physical object or person using numerical values in a geographical coordinate system.

Much of the data you already collect includes spatial data such as addresses, zip codes, and latitude and longitude coordinates. SAP HANA uses high-performance in-memory processing to enable spatial analysis of disparate business, customer, and location-based data sources, offering real-time or near realtime insight. With SAP HANA, you can solve key challenges such as pinpointing events, resolving boundaries, locating customers, and visualizing routing. And spatial processing functionality comes standard with full-use SAP HANA licenses, along with predictive, graph, text, search, and other advanced analytics capabilities.

By combining business data with geographical data, we can help you learn more about your business. Analyzing spatial data can provide new insight in many industries, such as:

  • Government—improve coordination of services, locate assets, and enhance transparency and accountability.

  • Public safety—visualize relationships and reveal trends critical to weather, crime, and traffic response and planning.

  • Transportation and logistics—proactively manage, plan, evaluate, and maintain transportation systems.

  • Retail—understand where your customers are and when to send them the next-best offer

  • Defense and intelligence—assess terrorist targets, improve battlefield planning, and manage military facilities.

  • Education—help students develop a greater understanding of our world.

  • Health and human services—deploy limited resources more effectively to positively impact individuals, families, and society.

  • Natural resources—make informed decisions while managing the earth’s resources.

  • Mapping and charting—implement a streamlined, efficient workflow for aeronautical, cartographic, and nautical mapping processes.

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