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Transform Supply Chain with SAP S/4HANA

In today’s dynamic marketplace, companies in the digital economy need comprehensive access to accurate, real-time information about their enterprise –and about their customers, suppliers, and competitors. With the right information, businesses can be agile enough to produce and distribute personalized products with shorter lead times and smaller runs –even down to a lot size of one –and ensure that they can meet customer demand while keeping costs under control and productivity at its highest. Achieving excellence in this environment requires two important capabilities: visibility into operational, customer, and market data, and speed across the extended supply chain to react to changes in demand and supply and gain competitive advantage.

With SAP S/4HANA as the digital core, customers can build a foundation for extended supply chain visibility and speed. SAP S/4HANA allows companies to gain visibility into real-time market conditions and production efforts, and then react to that information with the speed required to deliver products that customers want with the efficiency they need. Any supply or demand change, such as a promotion that generates higher-than-forecasted demand or disruption in supply due to a late delivery, can be quickly propagated up and down the supply chain to detect imbalances as well as simulate alternate scenarios.

Reduced Days in Inventory

Live inventory management through a redesigned data model enables unlimited simultaneous material movements and allows for true transparency on inventory and material flows. It also provides improved material planning with faster, more frequent MRP runs –multiple times a day, with planning and rapid replanning in minutes instead of hours to minimize inventory.

Reduction in Revenue Loss Due to Fulfillment Issues

The software enables intelligent, real-time product availability check for sales, planned, and production orders and includes scalable ATP for managing large production and transaction volumes and flexible allocation management capabilities. It provides back-order processing with intuitive priority classification and interactive exception handling.

Reduce Overall Supply Chain Planning Cost

The platform is suited for collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) in conjunction with SAP Integrated Business Planning (sales and operations ), including “what if” and scenario planning to maximize the potential of market demand through the best service at lowest cost. Manufacturing costs are reduced with detailed constrained planning and scheduling, enabling agility and efficient use of capacity.

Improved Supply Chain Planning FTE Productivity

Supply chain planning productivity is enhanced through easy-to-use Microsoft Excel and analytics-based planning interfaces in conjunction with SAP Integrated Business Planning. This helps production and material planners execute critical daily tasks with embedded decision support analytics and SAP Fiori® role-based user interface applications.

Reduced TCO Through Landscape Simplification

Faster business outcomes are achieved with reduced operational cost, thanks to simplified system landscapes. Redesigned data structure and embedded solutions in SAP S/4HANA result in fewer systems and interfaces.

Supply Chain Management Capabilities:

Business Planning

  • Demand, supply, and finance alignment

  • Inventory optimization

  • Demand planning and demand sensing

Response and Supply Management

  • Material requirements planning (MRP)

  • Constraint-based production planning

  • Production scheduling

  • Advanced order promising

  • Sense and respond to supply insights


  • Basic warehouse management

  • Goods receipt and goods issued

  • Extended warehouse management

  • Transportation management

  • Item serialization and product traceability

SAP S/4HANA is The Next Generation Business Suite For A Digital World The opportunity exists to transform business processes and achieve the digital transformation of your business with more automation and real-time visibility. Our SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these important needs and more. Let us show you today! Set up a free consultation.

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