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SAP HANA Case Study: Business Critical Data Migrations

Your data is one of your most valuable parts of your business. A migration to SAP HANA and the cloud can be complex. This is the exact scenario faced by a multi billion-dollar manufacturer and supplier of building product. They had no analytical solution and needed help moving to SAP HANA from older legacy systems. Plus, they needed to analyze and organize the important business critical data.

Enter Approyo and SAP HANA. You need to make sure you have a technology partner you can trust with all that data. Approyo was able to simplify the project by offering a state-of-the-art SAP Certified Cloud environment and migrate all the important critical data into SAP HANA hosted in the Approyo Cloud.

The results:

  • Fast SAP HANA Cloud Migration

  • Millions of dollars saved in infrastructure costs

  • Up-time improved by 30%

Download the SAP HANA Case Study: Business Critical Data Migrations today and contact us for a complementary SAP consultation.

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