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The Cloud Helpers Blog Series - Top Benefits of Cloud Computing Today

Welcome to our new blog series, The Cloud Helpers. This series will focus on cloud computing topics and help you understand how the cloud can impact your business today and in the future. Today we are going to focus on some of the top benefits companies are seeing from the Cloud today.

Improved accessibility

With cloud computing you are accessing information from the cloud and not from a particular server or device. This means that you can access it from any device and from anywhere. Whether you are a remote worker that needs to share information with colleagues or a personal user that wants to get online and check emails, it can all be done thanks to the increased accessibility.

Higher adoption

The benefits of better speed extend far beyond time saving and increased productivity. The improved speed and response time can dramatically affect both user satisfaction and adoption. In a tight market, having an app that retrieves data just a little faster could make all the difference in end user satisfaction.

Your bottom line

Gartner’s recent IT Budget report shows that healthcare companies often spend nearly 75% of their IT budgets on maintaining internal systems. Companies in all sectors often get caught up in the upfront price of software and fail to realize the total cost of ownership (support, additional hardware, etc.). Cloud services allow you to pay for the resource usage you need while taking advantage of scale and reliability, two things that most companies can’t afford internally. And there’s no need to update software internally since this is handled automatically.

Most business owners know that spreading the cost of large purchases out over time is more beneficial in the long run since a budget can be spent appropriately on marketing and other needs for company growth. Cloud services operate on a subscription model, where your cost is based on usage over time, preventing you from spending all of your budget at once.


You’ll find that cloud services often have integrations with other services, saving you tons of money when the need arises to tie systems together. Some examples:

  • Point-of-sale systems: Automatic synchronization of products and stock levels into your e-commerce store.

  • Online web forms: Automatic population of sales leads into a CRM like Salesforce.

  • Transactional email and marketing systems: Automatic synchronization of contacts to and from CRMs.

  • Code repositories: Automatic creation of new software issues from bug reporting systems..

  • Social media: Automatically publish content to sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Want to learn more? Continue to follow this blog for more updates and check out our previous posts on private and hybrid clouds. Schedule a time to speak to the experts at Approyo. The team at Approyo has migrated and managed hundreds of SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA environments to the cloud. Schedule a complimentary assessment with the team today.

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