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How can SAP S/4HANA 1610 impact Manufacturing?

Unlock the next wave of productivity with the latest release of SAP S/4HANA. The next-generation ERP suite offers immediate insight, intelligence for better decisions, and integration within your organization and beyond. SAP S/4HANA provides the digital core you need to succeed in today’s digital world. Built on SAP HANA, the industry-leading in-memory computing platform, SAP S/4HANA can help you transform your organization, delivering a customized product or service to an audience of one, at global scale.

Use the digital core for greater insights on the shop floor.

Managing Production Planning in Your Digital Core

Cover product requirements with internal and external procurement proposals, and reduce total costs through optimal-order-for-shipment functionality that automatically optimizes orders to take advantage of transportation and capacity types.

Production planning and detailed scheduling has been integrated with SAP S/4HANA, allowing you to create production plans without relying on a separate planning instance. You can now optimize and plan resource schedules directly in the digital core, taking into account bottlenecks and other production challenges.

You can also speed and simplify production planning cycles with the use of the production scheduling board, a Web-based graphical scheduling tool that harnesses the power of production planning and detailed scheduling while simplifying and providing a visualization of the work effort.

Advanced ATP

Take advantage of the in-memory computing of SAP HANA to find mass product availability for sales, planned, and production orders, giving you new levels of visibility. Use advanced ATP for scarce product allocation based on almost any attribute – including underlying sales order, material, plant, or customer – to help ensure you maximize customer satisfaction according to your individual business rules.

You can complete back-order processing with new SAP Fiori apps utilizing requirement classifications that help you identify and fulfill the most critical orders in a timely fashion. The results can be aggregated at different levels and drilled into with complete granularity for easy identification and resolution of issues.

Helping Ensure Quality

Use integrated quality management to meet quality targets and exceed customer expectations. Quality inspection professionals including technicians, engineers, managers, auditors, and others are supported throughout the entire quality process. The simplified inspection process is integrated within the digital core to provide a seamless process throughout the value chain.

SAP S/4HANA is The Next Generation Business Suite For A Digital World The opportunity exists to transform business processes and achieve the digital transformation of your business with more automation and real-time visibility. Our SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these important needs and more. Let us show you today!