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Top Reasons to move your SAP Applications to the Cloud

Cloud computing is an important resource that has gained growing support businesses of all sizes worldwide. These businesses are attracted to the cost-effective competitive benefits the cloud affords to smaller business. By providing access to tools that otherwise would be unavailable to them, cloud computing enables companies to become more agile, operate more efficiently and grow.

Simply put, cloud computing makes it possible for users to access data, applications, and services over the Internet. The cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as hard drives and servers – and gives users the ability to work from anywhere. Over 90% of businesses are already using cloud technology in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

The most important reasons for customers to consider cloud-based computing:

  • Fast implementation time, providing quick access to functionality

  • Reduced IT efforts because both hardware and software operation and maintenance are the provider’s responsibility

  • Flexibility due to subscription rather than licensing contracts and “pay-what-you-use” concepts

  • Scalability to support changing business needs and supporting growth strategy

SAP Applications

SAP HANA A business that uses next-generation applications can work better with the SAP HANA in the cloud. The platform lets you extend existing applications and build new apps in the cloud. SAP HANA is an in-memory cloud platform designed for the highly data-driven, social, mobile, and networked user. This makes it ideal for a business that takes advantage of continuously evolving data sharing trends.

Feature-packed for business The platform has many different features that can let you build, manage, and deploy cloud-based enterprise applications to go with your existing SAP and non-SAP solutions or extend them in the cloud or on-premises. Flexible subscription models and other services for database, apps, and infrastructure enable easy access to SAP HANA’s full power.

Expand the value of your existing applications If you have existing enterprise solutions in the cloud or running on-premises, SAP HANA offers connectivity through the cloud connectivity service. This way, you can streamline the integration of new applications with the assurance of the lowest possible overall cost of ownership.

Deploy Faster SAP HANA in the cloud can let you build and deploy consumer and business applications fast while ensuring new functionality that meets emerging business needs. At the same time, it lets you connect with customers through more engaging experiences.

Improve ROI, decrease costs SAP HANA in the cloud does not require up-front capital investment in software or hardware for partners and customers, resulting in a more cost-effective service with minimal risk. Once it is applied, the cloud provider will manage platform operations to minimize the cost of deploying and developing cloud applications.

SAP Hybris SAP Hybris focuses on rapid transformation and agility across all channels, getting you close to your customers and delivering a consistently great experience at every touch point. SAP Hybris makes products that cut cost, time and complexity, freeing you up to focus on innovation and strategy. SAP Hybris covers five main areas – commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and service – and offer you the insights and flexibility you need to lead.

The ability to sell anytime, anywhere on any device Be Productive, even when you’re offline. Spend less time on chasing down information and more time with your customer.

Easy instant access to Back-Office information Provide a complete customer view and flexibility to create orders, quotes and service tickets on-site.

Access to real-time customer analytics and data Look up context of their accounts and opportunities to help them engage and connect with customers in a personal, relevant way.

Predictive Analytics and Insight See realtime-visibility and predictability into your business, enabling you to make changes in realtime and guide and coach your sales team.


SAP S/4HANA is a real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital business. It is built on our advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA, and offers a personalized, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori. SAP S/4HANA can drive instant value across all lines of business – no matter your industry or business size.

Reduce Support Costs Current jobs like back-ups and performance monitoring are all covered by using a cloud provider to host SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. This allows you to focus on their business rather than managing your SAP S/4HANA system.

Improved Performance Direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of other operational systems.

Strategic Direction The demand for Cloud based tools is rapidly growing and ERP is now firmly on this journey as well. Additionally, SAP’s recent acquisitions have mainly been best of breed Cloud solutions such as Hybris, Success Factors and Concur.

Flexibility of Integration SAP S/4HANA in the cloud is not a one stop shop for all enterprise tools. Within the product a number of API’s are available to link to other systems such as Success Factors, Hybris and others.

Download the Whitepaper: Top Reasons to move your SAP Applications to the Cloud now...

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