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See your business clearly with SAP HANA

You swim today in exploding amounts of data from internal and external sources. Keep afloat by taking advantage of the integrated data quality, data integration, and data virtualization capabilities of SAP HANA, a next-generation platform for in-memory computing. Help simplify your IT landscape and enable successful information management for all your analytical and operational implementations.


Job one in the 21st century is digital transformation. But how exactly do you become a digital enterprise? At SAP, we designed SAP HANA to help you harness the latest digital technologies in the service of these overarching goals:

  • Faster time to insight and action with real-time analytics

  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity

  • Agility to respond to rapidly changing market conditions

  • Simplification of the IT landscape with integrated capabilities

Managing your valuable information successfully is the key to thriving today. With the data access, integration, and quality capabilities of SAP HANA, you can deliver immediate and targeted insight, so all stakeholders can act in the moment and make quick decisions based on complete, timely, and accurate data. You can also streamline processes to make your operations more efficient and effective – from your inner core outward to the edge of your global business network, including cloud platforms, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things. And you can seize fleeting moments of opportunity, reimagine long-standing business models, and create radical new sources of value that propel you to a leadership position in your industry.

Data Federation: Query data remotely – without moving it Give information workers instant access to all of your organization’s data – with SAP HANA smart data access technology. Federate queries on remote data sources – including Hadoop, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), and other databases. And retrieve relevant answers without the cost and effort of migrating data.

Data Integration and Replication: Deliver data from anywhere, when and where it's needed Maintain business continuity with data that is always available. With SAP HANA data integration capabilities, you can move data across multiple sources and targets to satisfy a host of business needs. Ensure high availability and disaster recovery, make informed decisions based on the latest information, and more. Our smart data integration technology also provides a single user interface for real-time data replication in batches or in real time. It offers pre-built adapters to common data sources and an SDK adapter that lets you get data from any source – for a 360-degree view of your business.

Data Quality: Improve data quality and reliability Deliver accurate, trustworthy data to decision makers – with SAP HANA smart data quality. Manage quality issues across all domains and sources, and cleanse data with SAP HANA. Now you can standardize, validate, and match entities – names, titles, phone numbers, e-mails, and more – to ensure accuracy. You can also use geocoding to enrich address data with location intelligence.

Remote Data Sync: Make your data available remotely With SAP HANA remote data synchronization, you can bi-directionally synchronize data between SAP HANA and thousands of SAP SQL Anywhere databases – whether embedded in devices or located at the edge of your network. You can make enterprise data available to remote workplaces or locations beyond the reach of high-bandwidth connections. And you can collect and analyze remote data to monitor devices at distant locations – enabling your entire business to be more responsive.

Experience Digital Transformation with SAP HANA The opportunity exists to transform business processes and achieve the digital transformation of your business with more automation and real-time visibility. Our SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA and Cloud solutions address these important needs and more. Let us show you today! Set up a free consultation.

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