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Ask Approyo - What are some of the best database features of SAP HANA?

One of the most challenging roadblocks to innovation today is the sheer complexity of IT systems. SAP HANA can help you simplify your infrastructure. SAP HANA converges database, advanced analytical processing, application development capabilities, and data integration in-memory to process transactions; analytics; text analysis; and spatial, streaming, and machine data processing in one system. You can operate in real time and accelerate business trans-formation by integrating core business processes with customer data, supplier data, and data from the Internet of Things.

The massively parallel, in-memory paradigm underlying SAP HANA speeds information proessing by a quantum leap. This architecture converges online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) operations on a single data copy in one in-memory, column-based data store.

SAP HANA, in short, eliminates data redundancy, disk latency, and data movement among applications and analytical tools. And it provides advanced integration capabilities such as data virtualization, replication, bulk loading, transformation, cleansing, and remote data synchronization in the same architecture. This further simplifies application development and processing across Big Data sources.

In-memory, columnar, massively parallel database processing

The SAP HANA platform permits online transaction processing and online analytical processing workloads using a single data copy on a single platform. It stores data in high-speed memory, organizes it in columns, and partitions and distributes it among multiple servers. This delivers faster queries that aggregate data more efficiently while avoiding costly full-table scans, materialized views, and analytic indexes.

Full ACID compliance

SAP HANA helps ensure compliance with all requirements for the atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) standards. A two-phase commit protocol protects atomicity, while multiversion concurrency control and distributed transactions help guarantee consistency. A built-in transaction manager safeguards isolation, and the logger provides durability by writing commit-log entries to disk.


SAP HANA allows multiple tenant databases to run in one system, sharing the same memory and processors. Each tenant database is fully isolated, with its own database users, catalog, repository, data files, and log files for maximum security and control. You can move or copy tenants to other systems. Your high-availability and disaster-recovery settings apply for all tenants. Backup and recovery is supported at the tenant level or the system level.

Multi-tier storage

With SAP HANA dynamic tiering software, you can keep data either in-memory or on the disk in columnar format. No data is duplicated. In addition, multistore partitioned tables allow you to define a single table that can span across disk and memory and support data aging using time selection with range, hash-range, and range-range partitioning. These capabilities allow you to process large data volumes at the right price and performance levels. The amount of data you can process in SAP HANA is not limited by the size of the memory in the system. Since multistore and disk tables are native to SAP HANA, management, encryption, backup, and recovery functions are the same as with in-memory tables. In-memory, multistore, and disk tables can be joined while accessing data, and table storage location can be changed at any time.

Data modeling and stored procedures

SAP HANA offers a native language called SQLScript that lets you build stored procedures and use advanced capabilities to build complex logic that runs inside the database. It includes a business function library with built-in parameter-driven financial functions. In addition, it includes a framework that lets you build custom algorithms and run them securely inside the database. Core data services, graphical calculation views, and decision tables further simplify and accelerate the creation of database logic.

These is just a handful of features and benefits that SAP HANA can offer your business.

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