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Deliver new forms of digital operational intelligence with SAP Leonardo

Improve service, drive economic growth, and allow for more efficient and cost-effective operations, infrastructure compliance and risk mitigation, as well as provide opportunities for job growth. Drive transformation by bridging sensors and control technologies embedded throughout physical infrastructure assets with information systems and business applications.

These sensors are connected to SAP Leonardo and allow real time data ingestion and analytics along with integration into business processes to predict, plan, and respond to real-time conditions. Customers reap bottom line results in global productivity and operational efficiency by utilizing this real-time information and integrating it business data to drive business results and create new infrastructure models.

Building Insights - Leverage real time information to manage and maintain properties

  • Ensure visibility across your properties to optimize energy consumption, maintain facilities and equipment and ensure improved customer satisfaction.

Construction - Manage construction projects to deliver on time and within budget

  • Leverage real-time date to manage the end-to-end project, ensuring that materials is at the right place, at the right time, and that assets and equipment is optimized throughout the process.

Energy Grids - Optimize the energy utilization by integrating processes and information

  • Build an end-to-end energy grid that enables better transparency and better decisions. Leverage predictive maintenance and analytical process to optimize uptime and improve customer satisfaction. Ensure visibility of all assets across the grid to enable improved performance and reliability.

Experience Digital Transformation The opportunity exists to transform business processes and achieve the digital transformation of your business with more automation and real-time visibility. Our SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA and Cloud solutions address these important needs and more. Let us show you today! Set up a free consultation.

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