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Ask Approyo - What are the major innovations in SAP HANA 2?

Data has become your most valuable business asset, but it remains a largely untapped resource unless you can effectively empower your business users to find it, explore it, combine it, and act on insights. SAP HANA 2 converges infrastructure into a single platform, helping you transform by:

  • Running a modern, in-memory platform in the cloud or on premise to free IT staff for more innovation

  • Harnessing an in-memory database to process data delivered to mission-critical applications, along with using analytical tools to power real-time business

  • Allowing you to access data from anywhere on the digital highway and providing flexible tools to help you build in quality and integrate solutions

  • Enhancing applications with analytical intelligence using multi-model analytical processing against various types of data, including business, text, spatial, graph, and streaming data

  • Providing an agile environment for designing and deploying applications that delight your business users and your company’s customers and partners

What are some other new features in SAP HANA 2?

  • Database management: SAP HANA 2 helps your IT organization ensure business continuity with high-availability, security, workload management, and administration enhancements. For example, the new active/active read-enabled feature helps IT take advantage of secondary systems – previously used only for system replication – to improve operations by offloading read-intensive workloads.

  • Data management: With this release, you can make the most of all data regardless of where it resides, with enhancements to enterprise modeling, data integration, data quality, and dynamic tiering. For example, the Web application SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, edition for SAP HANA, helps your IT organization manage complex information architectures and visualize the potential impact of new technologies before they are implemented.

  • Analytical intelligence: SAP HANA 2 helps your developers embed rich insight into applications through enhanced analytical-processing engines for text, spatial, graph, and streaming data. For example, we have added new algorithms for classification, association, time series, and regression to the predictive analytics library, enabling data scientists to discover new patterns and incorporate machine learning in custom applications.

  • Application development: SAP HANA 2 helps developers build and deploy next-generation applications with enhanced capabilities for the application server and expanded development tool sets and language coverage. For example, a new file-processor application programming interface lets developers embed file filters into applications to extract text or metadata from documents to deliver deeper insights.

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