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Approyo Case Study: Global Business Innovation with SAP HANA

Approyo SAP HANA Case Study

SAP HANA has changed the way companies do business. In fact, more and more SAP partners are starting to see the benefits of offering an SAP Solution as the center piece of their practice. In doing so, many SAP partners need help in managing and implementing SAP HANA for their clients. One route is to do this in house or by acquiring an existing SAP HANA company. This method typically has a large upfront cost and take a long time to implement. The other method is partnering with an organization like Approyo. When partnering with an SAP HANA provider like Approyo, other SAP partners can leverage the expertise and cloud environments to get their SAP HANA practice up and running quickly and efficiently. Here is a case study that examines how a gloabl SAP partner selected Approyo to help them with their SAP HANA business.

By building on SAP HANA’s digital core and cloud services, a global SAP partner is working to help businesses leverage industry-leading technologies to improve operational performance. This collaboration helps drive digital transformation for businesses across areas including finance, human resources, supply chain and procurement.

Digital transformation is necessary for companies to help succeed in a growing digital world. For a global SAP partner to help its clients, it needed to be able to provide a go-to-market solution to help its client succeed in digital transformation.

To achieve their goals, the firm initially attempted to get the SAP HANA environments set up internally. The firm quickly realized the difficulty in this and needed a better solution to provide SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA cloud environments to their client base quickly, efficiently and at a low cost. To be able to get this new line of business up and running, they knew they needed help.

Enter Approyo with its SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA expertise. Approyo provided a full solution suite and support for these environments. Additionally, Approyo is able to match the firm’s global reach in providing environments for international companies.

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