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Run Live with SAP HANA

Businesses want real-time insight on all types of live data. Yet at the same time, the data is siloed in different environments that are heterogeneous – built from legacy assets, incorporating new cloud storage and applications, and embracing software from different vendors and the open source community. SAP HANA delivers innovative technology to support this need for real-time insights on all types of live data from many sources.

SAP HANA provides the ability to gain real-time access to all data to gain insight in the context of an organization’s business processes and immediately take action by providing:

  • Analytics on live transaction data from any source at rest or in motion

  • Data virtualization to gain real-time insight from data in Hadoop or many other systems minimizing data movement

  • Instant response time for a delightful user experience from anywhere from the same platform

With all these capabilities, SAP HANA is making an enormous impact on businesses that are undergoing a digital transformation.

Did you know that 76% of the world’s transaction revenue are processed by an SAP system?

This means that SAP is uniquely positioned to really help the world run better and improve people’s lives. SAP HANA, as the foundation for SAP’s applications, has allowed SAP to continue to provide many innovative capabilities to the business and greater simplification within IT.

SAP S/4HANA has a greatly simplified data model, supports a simplified system landscape, and a simplified consumer grade user experience. Business processes are transformed by running from one simplified data model, while the IT landscape is greatly simplified by supporting real-time operational reporting on the same system. S/4HANA is able to accelerate the path from data to insight to action by embedding advanced analytics directly within the transaction system.

SAP HANA: In-Memory Computing

SAP HANA is the only true in-memory columnar data store optimized for both high-speed transactional scenarios and also very fast query performance optimally supporting both OLTP and OLAP application scenarios. With SAP HANA, there is a single copy of data as there is no need to move data to external systems to offload analytic workloads or populate materialized views and in-memory caches to achieve acceptable performance. This allows applications built on SAP HANA to process transactional and analytical workloads at high speed without any data duplication enabling businesses to have accurate insights based on the latest data.

Other solutions in the market typically provide an in-memory “option” to existing disk-based, row-oriented solutions, requiring a copy of data to be made into in-memory storage (image below). Row-based storages don’t yield the same level of data compression as columnar storages leading to higher costs and inefficiencies. These solutions may provide some performance improvements in certain use-cases, but they do not deliver the overall value that SAP HANA does by truly reducing the data footprint, increasing overall performance for all data and reducing management costs of the solution.

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