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Approyo featured on SuperbCrew.com - Simplifying SAP Solutions for All Businesses

Approyo CEO Chris Carter recently sat down with the folks at SuperbCrew to talk about the SAP ecosystem, the future of SAP and Approyo and where the industry as whole is going. To read the full interview, please go to www.superbcrew.com.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Q: Chris, tell us more about your solutions?

A: Approyo provides full SAP service technology with extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, and product procurement, to develop the right solution for our customers. Our SAP HANA Solutions are typically up and running within 2 – 5 days. Our SAP HANA solution, Ignite, encapsulates SAP HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package. Companies have the freedom to either use the entire package or specific components.

Q: You’ve recently been recognized as one of the Rising Entrepreneurs of the Year by The Technology Headlines; could you tell us something more?

A: This was a great honor and a great way to start off 2018. I owe a lot of this honor to my staff and company who helped make 2017 a very special year. This award really shows how much the company and myself has grown and matured throughout the last several years. I’m expecting even better and bigger things in 2018!

Q: Approyo has also been ranked 47th among Top 100 Cloud Services Providers; what does it mean for you and how hard was it to get where you are today?

A: The ranking further solidifies our strategy and mission to become the leading global SAP Cloud Centric Solution provider. It’s not a question of “if” a company will move to the cloud anymore, it’s a question of “when” and “how”. This shift in thinking has helped us reach many clients who need to move their SAP environments to the cloud. When Approyo started, we really had to educate companies about the cloud. After many years of doing this, we are

seeing the reward and we are viewed as a trusted advisor.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Growing! Every day I feel we and our staff are growing. We always want to be help and support our customers. We want to grow and help our customer get to the next level.

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