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SAP Hybris: A Game Changing Solution for your Business

With data being the new currency for the digital business, unleashing the power of data is the new imperative for every CIO.

The task is daunting. Organizations are drowning in data that accumulates at an increasingly fast pace. It comes from inside and outside the company, from business transactions, the IoT, and social media interactions. It includes structured data, location information, satellite images, drone video, text files, and more.

Yet, CIOs are asked empower users and machines to analyze this new data universe in real-time as the data comes in. This means running analytics on live transaction so that the business can take Timely actions and be ahead of the competition. Decision makers also demand a complete visibility across all the company’s diverse data assets to achieve situational awareness, which is essential to avoid the pitfalls of making decisions and devising new strategies on partial, stale or inaccurate data.

Agility/Speed of execution is essential for IT and business success, but business fundamentals still need to be respected. For example, new technology investments need to yield clear ROI and avoid exposing the company to unnecessary risks. CIOs need to ensure that they deploy technology that can adapt to changing needs and requirements. This means embracing data management technology that is modern and can easily take advantage of new innovation – such as advances in hardware (ex, GPU or nonvolatile storage). Also, everybody that browses the daily news knows that, when data is shared, corporate accountability and customer trust are also on the line. CIOs need to ensure that, once readily accessible, data is kept secure in compliance with regulations – such as GSPR – and customer privacy is preserved.

Finally, the cloud has become an essential component of every IT strategy. It provides the unprecedented ability to accelerate provisioning, it elastically scales to adapt to changing needs, and it is ubiquitously present and accessible.

But choosing a cloud strategy that can evolve with the needs of the business is essential for business success. It is paramount that a company maintains its ability to freely decide what service provider can best serve its needs, at every given moment - with no vendor lock-in that could undermine business flexibility.

Companies that can achieve these four imperatives are in a strong position to succeed in the new economy. Some studies have reported they can achieve exponential grow that up to 10X their peers. A transformative success achieved through the mastery of data management.

Enter SAP Hybris In 1997, SAP® Hybris® was launched to create a better commerce solutions. It consistently ranks among the top commerce software platforms because of its customer engagement and multichannel e-commerce solutions with totally-integrated tools. It serves Business to Consumers and Business to Business brands belonging from industries like insurance telecommunication, financial services, manufacturing, retailing, and media.

With SAP Hybris increase productivity and customer acquisition and amplify customer satisfaction by having relevant and personalized interactions across any channel. Engage your customers in more proactive and meaningful ways by understanding what matters to them in the moment. SAP Hybris delivers rich predictive insight, flawless execution and contextual customer experience throughout your sales and service organizations.

SAP Hybris comes with various advantages with regard to e-commerce project development as given below:

  • Bring sales, service, and social engagement in an integrated SaaS CRM system

  • Gain a 360° view of customers to understand their needs in any given moment

  • Use real-time customer analytics and predictive insight to improve interactions across all channel

  • Run your business anywhere, anytime on any device with a mobile-first approach, online and offline

  • Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively with subscription-based cloud solutions

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