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Put Machine Learning to Work Across Your Business

Organizations must be intelligent and solutions scalable to match the pace of today’s marketplace, increasing value as they control cost. Machine learning technology supports revolutionary new business models to address these challenges. Predict and optimize performance based on results from previously manual tasks, using algorithms that learn more every time they run.

Over half the data in a typical enterprise is unstructured in images, videos, and correspondence, and until recently, these sources were difficult to mine for insight. Machine learning empowers software algorithms to learn from history how to handle unstructured data through the recognition of patterns. With this technology, an application can learn how to initiate appropriate action without being explicitly programmed – and expand its know-how with each case.

SAP Leonardo helps you harness machine learning to deliver a suite of applications and services that are instantly consumable without additional hardware. The software can help you apply incoming payments to receivables, assess the impact of brand placement, resolve service tickets faster, and match resumes with job openings. With machine learning on your side, you can raise productivity and profitability and enrich the customer experience through previously impossible business models. With SAP Leonardo, machine learning gets simple.

Benefits of SAP Leonardo

  • Quickly access machine learning that is fully embedded in SAP applications and platforms

  • Find patterns in Big Data impossible for humans to discern on their own

  • Deliver unprecedented insights enterprise-wide in record time

  • Automate routine tasks and focus staff on higher-value work

  • Foster accurate predictions in business functions

Measure success of brand exposure quickly and precisely Competition for brand recognition grows more intense every year. Marketing executives spend nearly as much to discover deep insights as IT executives spend to keep the business running. To justify your sponsorship expenses, you need clear ways to measure brand performance. But manual exposure tracking for brand visibility is increasingly challenged by the proliferation of channels and content versions, along with the fragmentation of audiences that accompanied the digital transformation.

The SAP Brand Impact application, part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, solves the problem with a fully automated cloud solution for video analysis. It detects logos and other brand assets in video content and provides accurate reports on visibility by time, size on screen, location, and other parameters that influence recognition by viewers. You gain results quickly in an interactive interface and in PDF or comma-separated-value (CSV) reports. Plus the technology can scale smoothly over a large number of video hours and deliver fully.

Shorten the time to match payments to receivables For order-to-cash organizations, machine learning can help shrink accounts receivables (AR) processing time. SAP Cash Application software uses machine learning to automate the process of matching incoming payments to open receivables.

Even if you’ve been using a rule-based solution to help automate invoice matching, you’ve still had to invest significant effort in defining and maintaining its rules. SAP Cash Application simplifies the matching process by capturing know-how directly from AR records and applying it automatically. As new payments arrive, it infers proposals to match them to open receivables, clearing them directly, or sending AR accountants a best-fit option for each. All accepted matches feed back into the algorithm, continuously updating the matching patterns.

This automatic matching functionality lets you slash days sales outstanding and total cost of operations, enhance the quality of AR work, and focus accounting staff on more strategic tasks. And your solution scales efficiently as your customerbase and revenue grow

Bolster your customer retention approach with new insights Until today, customer-focused organizations have struggled to understand why and when individual customers depart in search of other product or service providers. Mining your transactional Big Data for insight into churn risk has been laborintensive, with the value added minimal. Within the SAP Leonardo portfolio, the SAP Customer Retention application addresses this challenge by helping you automatically monitor the behavior of customers and assess their churn risk. It merges data from all your systems, channels, and brands to build a 360-degree view of customers from their digital interaction points.

And it automatically learns from past customer behavior hidden rules that define overall patterns. Then it overlays the identified rules on real-time customer transaction history to alert you to behaviors that approximate the pattern, indicating the risk of churn. You can now act early to boost customer satisfaction and regain loyalty. And you can help ensure that your team focuses future marketing campaigns where they do the most to increase market share and profitability.

Build a foundation for smart end-to-end processing SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation provides a versatile platform for delivering machine learning features and embedding them into software applications.

The foundation offers developers two types of service APIs to enrich enterprise applications with intelligence. You can apply one set of machine learning services to solve specific business problems, such as classifying service tickets or matching resumes to a job posting, with no machine learning expertise required. Functional services are more generic and can be assembled for your specific business challenge. They provide support for your digital transformation through analysis of trends in a time series, classification of images for analysis, and detection of topics in natural language texts.

Using SAP Cloud Platform as a scalable backbone, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation supports tight and secure integration with SAP solutions and third-party applications. SAP Cloud Platform eliminates the need at your site for special hardware to handle deep-learning algorithms. You can combine robust, intelligent services reliably with your existing business processes.

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