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Approyo CEO Chris Carter appears on InsideAnalysis - The Modern Enterprise: A World of Difference

Approyo CEO Chris Carter recently appeared on InsideAnalysis to talk about the modern enterprise. During his appearance with host Eric Kavanagh, Chris talks about SAP HANA, Big Data, Cloud Computing and how all these technology solutions can help gun violence in the USA.

About the episode

The modern enterprise has arrived. Agile, proactive and contextually aware, this cutting-edge organization takes advantage of the many recent innovations that have redefined the business world. Analytics, big data and cloud computing have coalesced to digitally transform practically every business process. And thanks to the remarkable power of in-memory computing, forward-looking companies can operate in real-time, seizing opportunities, averting threats, and strategically maneuvering through even the most turbulent market dynamics.

Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to learn from two industry visionaries, including Bruno Aziza of AtScale and Chris Carter of Approyo. Topics discussed will include industrial cloud capabilities, the power of in-memory to transform enterprise IT, and how Big Data will transform business.

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In addition, Chris Carter talks about his new article from Linkedin, where he tdiscusses about how technology, the cloud and big data can be a solution for gun control in the United States.

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