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Gain a Competitive Advantage with SAP HANA

IT groups no longer need to rely on 20th-century technology while seeking a strategic role in 21st-century business innovation. The revolutionary SAP HANA platform lets you perform all transaction and analytic processing in-memory and make data instantly available from a single system. Fend off competitors by building smart, insight-driven applications your business needs to take immediate action and capitalize on change.

SAP HANA is the platform for all existing applica-tions – your legacy software, third-party software, and SAP software – and the optimal platform for building and deploying next-generation, real-time applications; machine learning applications; and predictive analytics. You can perform business operations and data analysis in minutes rather than hours, untangle your data center operations by integrating all data into a single truth, and lay the groundwork for reimagining business models. Plus, you stand ready to help expand and diver-sify your business with minimal IT growing pains.

Major Features and Benefits that give your business the competitve edge:

  • In-memory, columnar, massively parallel database processing - The SAP HANA platform permits online transaction processing and online analytical processing workloads using a single data copy on a single platform. It stores data in high-speed memory, organizes it in columns, and partitions and distributes it among multiple servers. This delivers faster queries that aggregate data more efficiently while avoiding costly full-table scans, materialized views, and analytic indexes.

  • Multitenancy - SAP HANA allows multiple tenant databases to run in one system, sharing the same memory and processors. Each tenant database is fully isolated, with its own database users, catalog, repository, data files, and log files for maximum security and control. You can move or copy tenants to other systems. Your high-availability and disaster-recovery settings apply for all tenants. Backup and recovery is supported at the tenant level or the system level.

  • High availability anddisaster recovery - SAP HANA supports high availability and disaster recovery to meet a broad range of service levels through an array of techniques such as backup, storage mirroring, synchronous and asynchronous system replication, hot standby, auto restart, and auto failover. It supports standbys at campus, metropolitan, and remote locations for maximum availability. Several third-party backup and recovery tools are certified to work with SAP HANA as well, so you have your choice of approaches. The SAP HANA active/active read-enabled option allows IT organizations to leverage secondary systems to offload read-intensive workloads for additional load balancing and better hardware utilization.

  • Scaling up and out - SAP HANA supports multiple terabytes of data in a single server and scales further by implementing a shared-nothing architecture across multiple servers in a cluster. You can distribute large tables across these servers automatically, based on round-robin, hash, or range-partitioning rules.

  • Predictive analytics and machine learning - Predictive analysis with SAP HANA includes native high-performance predictive algorithms for both expert and automated modes. Additionally, you can run open-source R scripts on SAP HANA through integration with R server and build machine learning applications with integration to TensorFlow. Some of the predictive algorithms run on streaming, spatial, and series data and are self-improving. The ability to perform predictive analytics on an entire body of transactional data lets you develop modern applications that forecast outcomes and help your business adapt processes in real time. Machine learning helps you build applications that can adapt and automate some of the manual business process steps.

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