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Connected Products with SAP Leonardo

The Internet of Things is on top of the agenda for most companies. While technology has existed for several decades, it was limited to operational use. The evolution of connectivity, Big Data management, analytics, and cloud technology is enabling us to converge these operational and information technologies to make machines smarter and drive end-to-end digital transformation.

Initially, IoT applications were limited for operational activities on shop floor and data was not leveraged for enterprise use. With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and industrial Internet, customers are looking to leverage this Big Data and develop responsive and intelligent applications for line-of-business and industry-specific end-to-end processes

As the demand for information and insight increases, we are seeing a significant increase in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of smart, connected products across all industries. R&D can utilize data from sensors, connected products, and other Big Data sources, to support the development of more reliable and desirable products that meet target requirements. This leads to increased demand and opportunities for you in the market, and increased access to information for both you and your customers.

Goods and Equipment - Connect, monitor, and control a large number of customer facing products.

Connect smart devices and products with core business processes and back-end systems. SAP Leonardo enables you to easily collect and analyze data from IoT devices from smart products e.g., coolers, coffee machines. At the same time, you can bring back-end business context and processes in real time by converging it with digital twins of physical product within IoT smart applications to improve efficiency, automatic replenishment – and create new product-as-a-service business models.