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Drive competitive advantage with machine learning

Machine learning is already having a huge impact on our lives. When we talk to a call center, our interaction is often with a robot. Articles that we read online might have been written by a machine. In many cases, such as online shopping, machine learning understands our behavior and intent, and makes precise, intelligent recommendations. Successful companies realize the potential of machine learning used across business processes, applications, and line-of-business solutions to sustain a competitive advantage.

SAP Leonardo is the digital innovation system that enables companies to rapidly innovate at scale and redefine their business for the digital world. It brings machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, analytics and Big Data together on SAP Cloud Platform, using design thinking services.

With SAP Leonardo, SAP delivers innovation capabilities and services as industry accelerators that integrate with core business applications so that customers can seamlessly bridge between operating and innovating. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning is at the core of the SAP Leonardo system. Embedded into enterprise systems, machine learning lets customers augment and automate repetitive tasks and unlock entirely new kinds of digital innovation by learning from data, rather than programming explicit rules.

Natively integrated into SAP applications, cloud, and business networks, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning ensures digital intelligence can be easily consumed across the entire business to create better customer service, optimize business operations, improve employee job satisfaction, reimagine existing business processes, and more.

Deliver predictive results at the point of decisions

Automating the end-to-end machine learning modeling process is key to increasing productivity and getting accurate results. SAP Predictive Analytics software allows anyone, not just data scientists, to create thousands of derived variables faster, from a wide variety of data sources, without writing a single line of code. It offers self service using a guided workflow to create models in just minutes through automation, with a high degree of accuracy and actionable insights.

The factory-based approach enables you to govern, manage, retrain, and score the probability of thousands of models using a browser-based, modern user interface, so you can scale each model quickly and keep it running at an optimal performance.

SAP Predictive Analytics allows you to deliver predictive results at decision-making points in systems and applications. With the open interface, you can generate predictive probability scoring for a wide variety of target systems and directly embed the results wherever they will be most useful, such as databases, business processes, and line-of-business solutions.

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