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Approyo CEO Chris Carter appears on DM Radio - Long Live Legacy Systems… via Blockchain and Cloud

Approyo CEO Chris Carter appeared as a guest along with Ranjit Notani, One Network, Julian Ereth and Josh Fraser, Co-Founder of Origin on Thursday, April 5 on DM Radio. The episode, Long Live Legacy Systems… via Blockchain and Cloud, is hosted by Eric Kavanagh, CEO, The Bloor Group.

During the discussion, Chris talks about how the cloud and blockchain technologies have impacted the SAP world and technology industry as a whole. Click here to listen.

Original Live Date: April 5, 2018

Episode Link: http://dmradio.dataversity.net/long-live-legacy-systems-via-blockchain-and-cloud/

The Guests:

  • Ranjit Notani, One Network

  • Chris Carter, Approyo

  • Julian Ereth

  • Josh Fraser, Co-Founder of Origin

About the Discussion Legacy systems never die; their performance just slowly fades, until they’re eventually ported to the cloud. That was true before the blockchain came along, and it’s even more true now. Reason being: legacy systems run most businesses in such mission-critical ways, that they simply cannot be unplugged. Now, thanks to the combination of containers, blockchain and industrial-strength cloud computing, those legacy systems can be reinvented and/or supercharged, solving a years-long conundrum for many large and even mid-sized organizations. Check out this episode of DM Radio to learn more!

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