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Tips for Your HR Digital Transformation

HR digital transformation is not just about replacing outdated technology.

The expectation businesses have today, to warrant an investment in HR technology, must serve as an ongoing destination for employees that encourages continual usage, provides a platform that enables them to manage their work, plan their careers, develop new skills and support changes in their personal lives, all on an ongoing basis. Additionally, today’s systems must also transform data across multiple sources – HR, ERP, external networks, machine data, IoT – into actionable insight to plan, measure, and predict. SAP recently released "20 Tips for Your HR Digital Transformation". Here are some of the major highlights from the post:

  • Develop a comprehensive business case to gain buy in and budget approval from the C-suite and stakeholders.

  • Conduct due diligence, spending time evaluating and assessing and finally selecting a cloud solution provider and implementation partner.

  • Provide detailed project planning for the implementation and change management phases, inclusive of comprehensive communication, testing and training plans.

  • 4. Gain commitment from HR, business partners and IT resources to assigned project tasks.

  • Be a visionary. The future is ahead of you, learn from the past. Someone very wise once told me, ‘the future is ahead of you, learn from the past, but recognize it’s behind you, you can’t go back in time and change course.’ This is why the windshield in a car is so large, as compared with the rear-view mirror being so small! Think with a future state mindset but use proven planning tools and methods, practice continuous communication and operate with agility.

  • Think about what you are striving to accomplish. How do you envision the future state? In the early planning phase, identify key measures of success and KPIs. What are the critical milestones along the way and how will you measure your progress? Identify, measure, recognize and celebrate the completion of each key milestone.

  • Establish regular communication for greater impact. It helps to builds trust, expedites reaching agreement on common goals and decisions, and creates motivation.

  • It’s all about you and your organization’s vision and goals, so own it! Take a seat at the table. Be present and accountable. It’s your transformation after all, you and your organization will be left with the result.

  • Utilize advisors and consultants for their expertise, their knowledge of best practices and innovative technologies. Consultants and advisors don’t run your business and they can’t make decisions for you, they can only suggest recommendations.

  • Embrace change and foster a culture of agility that rewards innovation. Adopt an agile approach to the design and delivery of changes impacting people, processes and technology. Take iterative steps, leverage a prototype and pilot an approach for quick wins. Encourage adoption, strive for inclusion and get feedback at all levels of the organization.

Read the full article on www.sap.com

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