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SAP Announces new SAP HANA Data Management Suite

Yesterday we told you about the new SAP C/4HANA, which was announced at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW. Another exciting announcement from the show is the new SAP HANA Data Management Suite.

Managing Data to Reach Customers All systems rely on data, yet the challenge facing companies today is distributed data — data that is not just in transactional systems but scattered across products, machines and people. It is about data that must be ingested, prepared and made enterprise relevant. SAP HANA Data Management Suite enables enterprises to turn massive amounts of data — both structured and unstructured — into valuable, usable knowledge, no matter where it resides. SAP HANA Data Management Suite allows customers to maximize the potential of their data safely, simply and efficiently.

More About SAP HANA Data Management Suite The SAP HANA Data Management Suite is based on the latest versions of the SAP HANA business data platform. It allows for secure, governed enterprise-class applications and analytics by providing an open, hybrid and multicloud-enabled solution suite that orchestrates all the data needed into a trusted, unified landscape. SAP HANA Data Management Suite is the foundation for building agile, data-driven applications that are always tapping into live data. With one query, SAP HANA Data Management Suite can deliver results from a single logical data set that covers the whole enterprise — turning the concept of universal data into a reality.

Read the full announcement on www.sap.com

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