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SAP HANA and the Digital Economy

IT groups no longer need to rely on 20th-century technology while seeking a strategic role in 21st-century business innovation. The revolutionary SAP HANA® platform lets you perform all transaction and analytic processing in-memory and make data instantly available from a single system. Fend off competitors by building smart, insight-driven applications your business needs to take immediate action and capitalize on change.


Help your business accelerate the pace of innova-tion by moving to SAP HANA. Choose the game-changing in-memory platform that combines a database that complies with the standards for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) with advanced analytical processing, appli-cation development, and flexible data integration capabilities. Remove the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and their silos of data, so you can Run Simple in this ever-changing digital economy, where new technologies and solutions emerge at Internet speed.One of the most challenging roadblocks to innova-tion today is the sheer complexity of IT systems. SAP HANA can help you simplify your infrastruc-ture. As illustrated in the figure, SAP HANA con-verges database, advanced analytical processing, application development capabilities, and data integration in-memory to process transactions; analytics; text analysis; and spatial, streaming, and machine data processing in one system. You can operate in real time and accelerate business trans-formation by integrating core business processes with customer data, supplier data, and data from the Internet of Things.

The massively parallel, in-memory paradigm underlying SAP HANA speeds information pro-cessing by a quantum leap. This architecture converges online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) opera-tions on a single data copy in one in-memory, column-based data store. SAP HANA, in short, eliminates data redundancy, disk latency, and data movement among applications and analytical tools. And it provides advanced integration capa-bilities such as data virtualization, replication, bulk loading, transformation, cleansing, and remote data synchronization in the same architecture. This further simplifies application development and processing across Big Data sources.

SAP HANA is the platform for all existing applications – your legacy software, third-party software, and SAP software – and the optimal platform for building and deploying next-generation, real-time applications; machine learning applications; and predictive analytics. You can perform business operations and data analysis in minutes rather than hours, untangle your data center operations by integrating all data into a single truth, and lay the groundwork for reimagining business models. Plus, you stand ready to help expand and diversify your business with minimal IT growing pains.

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