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Sourcing and Procurement with SAP S/4HANA

The procurement organization is evolving from a support function to a strategic advisor. Beyond negotiating lower rates and managing suppliers, it plays an important role in driving innovation, and managing risks across the supply chain and to the brand. Procurement is becomingmore actively involved in delivering value to the end-customer by working more closely with other LoBs, including R&D and HR, and more collaboratively with suppliers.

SAP S/4HANA covers operational procurement processes such as purchase requisitioning, order processing, invoice processing, order confirmation, and operational contract management. These core processes are enhanced by real-time embedded analytics across all spend categories, thereby improving performance and visibility. SAP Ariba solutions extend these core processes with guided buying, collaborative sourcing and contracting, and networked-based, end-to-end supplier collaboration to deliver a new, guided, simplified user experience that meets the expectations of millennial users. SAP Fieldglass solutions provide access to external skills by supporting the entire process from sourcing to managing the contingent workforce,enabling the organization to be nimble and competitive. SAP Concur solutions help streamline business travel expense processing and connect employee-paid spending data for complete visibility and proactive management. SAP Leonardo capabilities add intelligence to make processes autonomous and unbiased. Together, these provide a comprehensive solution to help organizations meet the diverse spend needs of the enterprise for a total spend management, providing scalability, agility, and choice

Gain in-depth purchasing insights Acquire extensive, real-time information on purchasing spend by analyzing purchase orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, and contracts. You can also evaluate supplier performance in real time with access to data, including on-time delivery, price, and quantity accuracy.

Streamline operational purchasing Enable employees to purchase goods and services directly, following purchasing policies and pricing agreements and using preferred suppliers. Users can bundle demands, automate sourcing and order processing, and make approval and release procedures easier.

Automate sourcing and contract management processes Collect, assign, analyze, and access all sourcing information in one system and support automated and manual processes for creating and managing service contracts, source lists, purchase information records, quotations, and requests for quotations.

Gain an in-depth view of your supply chain Improve supply chain visibility to find the optimal mix of suppliers that will best serve your business objectives and reduce overall supply risk. You can also classify and segment your suppliers using multiple criteria to identify and pinpoint the right supply chain partners for your organization.

Simplify procurement processes Consolidate requisitioning to reduce costs by establishing one central approval workflow instead of multiple approvals in each back-end system. In addition, you can increase catalog usage by offering a single, convenient access point across all available catalogs.

Manage commodity procurement effectively Support commodity procurement and help create commodity contracts based on market quotes. You can automate price calculations, streamline invoicing, and extend ERP functionality to automate commodity-based contractual pricing and enable provisional, differential, and final invoicing.

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