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BOHH Labs and Approyo Announce OEM Agreement for Enhanced Security within SAP HANA Environment

BOHH Labs, the leading provider of seamless and secure access to data, today announces an OEM agreement with Approyo, a leading enterprise SAP HANA Solutions Provider. The agreement brings a bundled solution that offers SAP customers seamless migration to SAP HANA Cloud environments with a secure method to easily enable access to all enterprise systems for increased business flexibility and productivity.

The market demand to adopt Cloud deployments is rapidly gaining momentum, but security, performance disruption and accessibility are still challenging progression. Under the agreement, Approyo will integrate BOHH’s capabilities to enable better security and access to data stored with SAP HANA and mitigate these setbacks. This will offer their customers better security for their data and business flow to leverage the benefits of SAP HANA and convert real-time analytics into business decisions.

Approyo has been providing solutions powered by SAP HANA®, such as the latest version of SAP S/4HANA®, in the cloud for the last three years. Approyo built an entire platform using the best solutions in the market, helping companies move to SAP HANA quickly and benefit immediately with tailored implementation roadmaps to ensure every organization undergoes a seamless migration.

BOHH Labs brings an easy to implement service that acts as a layer between the user/ application and the back-end data store. BOHH enables total security on all stored data by uniquely providing database or specific file security, removing it from the source and storing it separately without changing the structure, enabling prioritization and control of sensitive data. BOHH’s security service provides full text search capabilities, even on secured data, and supports Bot technology for data to be conveniently accessed through keyboard, text-and-type from any device and voice commands to enhance the access flow to data within the system. This means sensitive and non-sensitive data residing in SAP HANA can easily be searched at once in real-time to extract valuable analytical insights without putting sensitive data that must stay protected at risk by hiding it away for access by authorized users only.

Approyo is proud to offer this new security solution to our customer base,” said Christopher Carter, CEO of Approyo. “I believe our industry leading SAP Cloud Solutions and BOHH Labs’ award-winning solution recognized in the SAP+Google Cloud Intelligent App Challenge, makes for a unique combination for SAP customers looking to move to the Cloud.

This agreement is a great step for everyone involved – joining together with Approyo, we can now help SAP customers increase their business flow through a secure Cloud that allows them access to all of their sensitive documents using one quick search of all their finding requirements,” said Simon Bain, CEO of BOHH Labs. “By partnering with Approyo, we can address customer demands and focus our capabilities on what our enterprise, integrator and reseller customers need to secure access to their business-critical applications and data in the Cloud.”

The joint solution between Approyo and BOHH Labs is addressing the challenges enterprises face migrating to the Cloud and enables SAP customers to leverage the analytics capabilities of SAP HANA, while gaining a secure method to easily access all enterprise systems to quickly find, search and unlock the value of all their data.

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