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Human Resources with SAP S/4HANA

Human Resources (HR) has been transforming for many years, focused traditionally on topics like automation, efficiency, and direct access to HR data and services for individual employees. Technologies and strategies that have supported these initiatives include human resource management systems (HRMS), talent management, employee self-service, and manager self-service. However, a new and expanded HR transformation is underway, led by cloud capabilities including mobile and continuous upgrades, as well as the availability of new digital technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These capabilities are enabling HR to reimagine new ways of delivering HR services and strategies throughout the organization. Whereas the traditional view of HR transformation was all about doing existing things better, the next generation of HR transformation is focused on doing completely new things.

These new digital aspects of HR transformation do not replace the existing focus of automation and efficiency. They work hand in hand and, in many cases, digital technologies can further augment automation. Digital approaches are becoming increasingly important, and a digital HR strategy must be a key component of HR’s overall strategy. Not only do they hold the promise of new capabilities that can help HR build a workforce for the future and improve decision-making and effectiveness, they are, simply put, expected. Every person interacts with digital technologies daily, and every person in the organization is a potential user of HR systems. HR system experiences that are based on consumer grade digital experiences will help engage every worker, inspiring them to do their best and helping them turn every organization’s purpose into performance.

  • Predict Workforce Outcomes - Analyze data patterns and identify future challenges and risks like employee flight risk and ability to source critical skills.

  • Suggest and Recommend - Transform data and metrics into personalized suggestions and recommendations that improve decision-making.

  • Network and Collaborate - Facilitate knowledge sharing and improve teamwork across distributed working environments.

  • Interact using Natural Language - Encourage ongoing and continuous use of HR systems and processes with voice recognition, messenger apps, and chat bots.

  • Multi-channel Workforce Management - Streamline processes for finding, engaging and managing external workers and services providers for access to critical skills and greater business agility.

Identify and Grow with SAP Powered by Approyo

A critical part of talent management is dealing with the reality that while all employees are valuable, some are more valuable than others. Companies that invest in employees considering their relative contributions significantly outperform companies that treat employees as though they were all equal. The use of consistent, transparent methods to assess employee contributions is a key factor affecting perceptions of justice and equity. Traditional methods used to identify and invest in talent are plagued with problems associated with bias, inequity, and politics. Companies need solutions that enable them to more effectively identify and assess employees based on their true contributions and potential in way that makes employees feel valued, included, recognized, and fairly treated.

Educate and Develop with SAP Powered by Approyo

The world of business is changing faster than ever. A company’s long-term success does not depend on what it does today, but on how quickly it can adapt to what it must do tomorrow. People’s innate capacity for learning lies at the heart of organizational agility. Traditional HR practices that focused on formal training programs are too slow to work in a world of constant change. What is needed are solutions that unleash the development capabilities of the entire workforce in real time. Modern cloud technology allows companies to reimagine development by creating online learning communities, making development resources and relationships widely accessible, and giving every employee the power to realize their full potential.

Pay for Performance with SAP Powered by Approyo

The concept of pay for performance is central to the compensation philosophy found in most companies. When done well, pay for performance drives employee engagement, development, and productivity. But traditional performance management processes have failed to achieve this goal and are widely viewed as demotivating, inefficient, and ineffective. By leveraging the power of social and mobile cloud technology, SAP solutions enable customers to create more engaging and continuous performance management processes that replace forms and ratings with meaningful conversations and fair and effective decisions.

Manage the Workforce with SAP Powered by Approyo

The new HR mandate is moving beyond automation, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance to connecting people with your company’s purpose and inspiring them to perform at their best. SAP SuccessFactors solutions, along with SAP Fieldglass solutions, SAP Leonardo capabilities, and SAP S/4 HANA, helps HR elevate from an administrative function to a strategic imperative driving phenomenal business results.

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