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Research and Development with SAP S/4HANA

The market is experiencing a disruptive shift in customer demand for new, extensive, smart, and personalized products. The journey of a new product initiates from the research and development (R&D) department, where significant difference can be made to improve features and reduce cost. A successful R&D department brings new formulations and designs to life with speed and accuracy based on inputs from the marketplace, customers, and latest technologies. R&D integrates with downstream departments to manufacture, sell, and serviceproducts with higher quality and lower cost while continuously iterating formulations and designs to create more profitable, desirable, and reliable products.

Our industry-leading portfolio of cloud and industry-specific solutions is uniquely positioned to enable our customers’ digital transformation across all key aspects of their business value chain. SAP Leonardo capabilities combined with SAP S/4HANA as the digital core provide an intelligent, integrated, fast, and visual product innovation platform with built-in compliance. The SAP S/4HANA R&D/Engineering solution enables informed decision-making in ideation and concept development, portfolio and project management, product development, and compliance management.

Smarter products are brought to the market faster and with full compliance. With the new Industry 4.0 capabilities, customers can now personalize the product design in real time to meet their needs through the variant configuration engine. The production order moves with minimal human intervention through downstream processes such asproduct engineering, production engineering, and manufacturing to serve a “lot size of one” to the customers. Another paradigm shift is the capability to deliver consumer-centric business models so that you can “uberize” your business before someone else does

Improve project control and product development Manage, translate, and integrate customer-driven innovations to optimize project efficiency and deliver high-quality projects on time and within scope. You can enhance quality by defining all design requirements and constraints while maintaining rigorous design standards.

Manage enterprise projects effectively Invest in the right projects by aligning your project portfolio with enterprise strategy. You can identify the projects that can generate the most business value and manage the resources, schedule, and financial performance for each project phase, from initiation through closure.

Streamline product lifecycle management Simplify and accelerate the transition of engineering master data into manufacturing production data. You can develop recipes and formulas rapidly, reuse existing ingredients, and design packaging and labeling in a single, high-performance environment.

Speed up product engineering processes Accelerate time to market through efficient BOM management, including the specification of work center details and listing of required production resources and tools. In addition, you can develop closed-loop inspection planning to comply with industry standards such as ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9000.

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