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SAP HANA in-memory and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a top priority. IT systems must adapt quickly to technologies and business models that arise at a dizzying pace. Let the SAP HANA platform replace complex systems and isolated applications to help you transform IT. It supports modern applications that help you reimagine business processes and deliver real-time insights from data that’s always fresh.

SAP HANA is one of the first data management platforms to handle both transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy. It combines a state-of-the-art database with advanced analytical processing, application development capabilities, data integration and data quality. You gain a single secure environment for all your mission-critical data assets, so you can manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data efficiently to reduce total cost of ownership. At the same time, you can simplify your IT landscape and reduce administrative effort by consolidating multiple workloads onto SAP HANA. Being able to Run Simple helps you deliver insight into ongoing transactions, so your organization can respond in real time to market change, seizing new opportunities more quickly than your competitors. And you can develop innovative applications on SAP HANA that combine transactions and analytics and deliver engaging personalized experiences over any device.

Reimagine your database

SAP HANA is built on an in-memory columnar store that optimizes the benefits of multicore processing and the single-instruction, multiple data instruction set. It’s fully compliant with requirements for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (the ACID standards).

Intuitive modeling tools and preconfigured function libraries let you run complex business logic directly inside the database. That means you avoid latencies from moving data between the database and the application servers. Stored procedures take advantage of optimized in-memory calculation engines to run faster.

When you set up multitenant database containers, you can manage several databases as one while maintaining their isolation from one another. You can perform administrative tasks such as backup and patching on all tenants at once and optionally allocate resources to each tenant separately to protect performance. You can handily meet service-level requirements while lowering capital and operating costs.

With multistore tables in SAP HANA dynamic tiering software, you can keep frequently accessed data in-memory while moving rarely accessed data to disk, managing Big Data economically without the constraints of memory size. Applications can access data independent of storage location, and you can modify storage preferences whenever demand changes.

Accelerate analytics exponentially

With in-memory processing, you can run on-the-fly aggregation, eliminating the need for pre aggregates, materialized views, analytic indexes, or database accelerators. Business users can quickly retrieve high-level summaries and also drill down to granular details.

SAP HANA includes native high-performance predictive algorithms and integration with Microsoft R Server to reveal meaningful patterns in data that help you create predictive models. Text search and text analysis extract meaning from semistructured text and transform it into a data model for analysis. SAP HANA provides native support for spatial data – points, lines, and polygons – and spatial functions. Base maps in SAP HANA – with political boundaries and points of interest – help accelerate development of location-aware business applications.

You can also process and analyze streaming data from sensors, plant equipment, the Internet of Things, or financial transactions with SAP HANA. Series data processing helps you store and query time-series data like price fluctuations, seasonal trends, and information on machine efficiency and network flow. Finally, SAP HANA can store highly interconnected graph data in a dynamic data model.

SAP HANA is a single platform for building applications that combine text analysis, spatial analysis, predictive analysis, and graph data processing on the same live transactional data, streaming data, series data, and data from external sources. A wealth of new possibilities helps you reimagine business models, design new services, and expand into new markets.

Optimize data access, integration, and quality management

SAP HANA offers functionality to manage data virtualization, quality, and synchronization, so you can retrieve and use data inside and outside your organization with unprecedented ease.

With smart data access, you can federate queries to external data sources such as other databases, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark to perform queries without costly data movement. When you need to move data across SAP HANA and multiple data sources, smart data integration can help you do so to support informed decision making with complete visibility. With smart data quality, you can validate and match entities such as names, phone numbers, and addresses to help ensure accuracy. Finally, features for remote data synchronization help you synchronize data bidirectionally among databases in SAP HANA and the SAP SQL Anywhere® suite that are embedded in devices located beyond the reach of high bandwidth connections. That means you can synchronize devices at distant locations and shorten response times across the enterprise.

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