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Accelerate your digital transformation with SAP Leonardo

The world is becoming increasingly digital, presenting limitless opportunities. But the paths to innovation are many. Which path can deliver the best outcome for your business? Whether it’s accessing decision-making insights, reducing manual labor, or delivering more personalized services, SAP Leonardo is here to help you determine the right innovation answer. You already know you need to take a digital approach to your business. The challenge is knowing where to begin. With SAP Leonardo powered by Approyo, you have a team of experts to work directly with you, contributing their guidance, skills, and expertise to help you produce market-ready solutions to your business challenges. SAP Leonardo leverages technology such as analytics, Big Data, blockchain, data intelligence, machine learning, and IoT, together with industry expertise in enterprise software to rapidly unlock breakthrough innovation at scale

SAP Leonardo is a systematic approach to digitally transform businesses, focused on repeatable solutions to well-understood business problems across many industries. SAP Leonardo accelerates and de-risks digital transformation using proven methodologies and pre-integrated software components. It brings together award-winning design services, an industry-leading cloud platform and applications, deep expertise in business processes, and the most innovative new technologies, such as analytics, Big Data, blockchain, data intelligence, machine learning, and IoT.

Innovate – With proven SAP Design Thinking methodology and Industry Value Network experts, the Approyo team focus on understanding your business priorities, processes, and people. We then work with you to build a business case, prototype, and blueprint that address your greatest opportunity or top challenge first. There’s no technology-first approach nor massive-scale projects without a clearly achievable mandate.

Integrate – We help you implement your project with next-generation technologies – including analytics, Big Data, blockchain, data intelligence, machine learning, and IoT – that infuse exponential transformation into your day-to-day operations. These technologies are built upon and integrated into the digital core of your business using SAP Solutions powered by Approyo.

Scale – Through SAP Leonardo, we enable you to scale digital transformation across your entire organization in a step-wise, systematic way. You can implement tactical projects knowing they build upon a broader organizational strategy and a united, integrated platform. You can begin your journey with applications optimized for SAP Leonardo as well as industry and IoT accelerator packages with a fixed price or open innovation services.

Get started with SAP Leonardo powered by Approyo

SAP Leonardo brings scalable innovation to your business by combining breakthrough technologies with end-user focused design processes. SAP Leonardo Innovation Services brings together stakeholders and end users with design and technology experts to unlock innovation in your organization’s business models and processes. Get started today...

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