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Connect Internet-enabled things to business processes for innovative outcomes with SAP Leonardo

As always-on connectivity expands across the globe, businesses are finding new ways to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) to work smarter, improve jobs, and delight customers. Leveraging information from sensors, microcontrollers, mobile communications, and other smart devices, SAP Leonardo IoT capabilities are transforming business models and processes across industries.

For years, companies have been collecting massive amounts of data from connected things. Making the transition from things to outcomes is a much bigger challenge. With our innovative SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio, we’re enabling you to mobilize IoT data to transform end-to-end business processes, evolve new digital business models, and imagine new work environments.

SAP Leonardo helps customers develop strategic, integrated solutions to business challenges by engaging in digital transformation that leverages IoT, along with other next-generation technologies like Big Data, machine learning, analytics, and blockchain. Learn how SAP powered by Approyo can help you move from smart things to smart business outcomes by tapping into the growing IoT.

Personalize and transform with real-time asset data

We know that advances in technology are never just an end in themselves, but a means to drive business transformation towards digitalization. Our customers embrace technology to enable innovative business outcomes and disrupt entire industry value chains.

The development and inclusion of IoT scenarios is a key element in a company’s digital transformation. SAP Leonardo IoT solutions are enabling the creation of new growth opportunities for our customers, including process optimization, personalization, as-a-service business models (XaaS), and distributed digital networks. Customers are revisiting traditional business processes like the digital supply chain – including product design, manufacturing, logistics, and asset management. They are realizing IoT scenarios with high business value across many functional areas of their companies, and across all industries.

Connected products

The growing demand for digital insights and information has been met with a significant increase in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of smart, connected products across all industries. Using SAP Leonardo IoT applications, R&D teams can use data from connected products, and from other Big Data sources, to develop more reliable and desirable products. When products have embedded intelligence, sales teams can distribute and monitor them in the field, allowing them to track purchasing requirements and drive revenue. IoT technology also allows suppliers to optimize inventory replenishment across their networks by predicting historical usage, in combination with external data sources, such as weather, ambient conditions, and more.

Connected goods in action:

  • Goods and Equipment – Connect, monitor, and control a large number of customer-facing products for end-to-end visibility of product-centric operations.

  • Product Insights – Design, manufacture, and distribute smart products that interact with data during use by partners and consumers. Increase market demand and access to information for you and your customers.

  • Supply Networks – Manage, control, and respond to changing conditions with a digital operations response center that allows you to improve service availability

Connected assets

SAP Leonardo IoT applications enable you to connect production systems and assets with manufacturing and maintenance business processes. You can track, monitor, analyze, and maintain all fixed assets across your networks to reduce operational and maintenance costs and increase the uptime of your assets.

These solutions help you move from a reactive to a proactive approach for maintenance and manufacturing. By transforming interactions with partners, you can establish cooperative networks with B2B connectivity for cost-effective, proficient supply chain collaboration.

Connected assets in action:

  • Fixed Asset Insights – Optimize asset performance throughout the entire lifecycle, and build asset network collaboration for better service and maintenance processes.

  • Manufacturing Execution – Connect, monitor, and tightly control manufacturing processes and operations by integrating business and manufacturing systems to enable lean, high-quality production on the shop floor.

  • Manufacturing Networks – Efficiently address customer demands by connecting supply chain solutions with IoT capabilities, machine learning, and real-time operations insights through a global manufacturing network.

Connected infrastructure

Through SAP Leonardo IoT software, physical infrastructure systems are using digital intelligence to transform the way they operate. SAP Leonardo IoT creates a bridge between IoT technologies embedded in physical infrastructure assets and business information systems. Sensors connected to SAP Leonardo IoT allow real-time data ingestion and analytics, along with integration into business applications, that let you predict, plan, and respond to real-time conditions. Customers reap bottom-line results in global productivity and operational efficiency by utilizing this real-time information and integrating it with business data to drive results and create new infrastructure models. Improve customer service, drive economic growth and job creation, and establish more cost-effective operations, in addition to improving infrastructure compliance and risk mitigation.

Connected infrastructure in action:

  • Building Insights – Ensure real-time visibility across your properties to optimize energy consumption, maintain facilities and equipment, and ensure improved customer satisfaction.

  • Construction – Manage construction projects end-to-end to deliver on time and within budget, ensuring that materials, assets, and equipment are optimized throughout the process.

  • Energy Grids – Build an end-to-end energy grid that enables better transparency and decisions. Leverage predictive maintenance and analytical processes to optimize uptime and improve customer satisfaction.

Connected people

SAP's vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives globally. This is SAP’s enduring cause – our higher purpose. With this in mind, SAP Leonardo IoT enables innovative applications and business models that connect individuals and communities of consumers to innovative products, assets, brands, and services that help improve their lives, work, and health. Our IoT solutions help you develop new, real-time services that are highly tailored to your customers’ activity, location, and needs, that anticipate and solve their problems before they happen.

Connected people in action:

  • People and Work – Help workers stay safe by linking them to their environment in real time, promoting safe work practices, and greatly reducing on-the-job risk.

  • People and Health – Build a connected patient-centric health network that breaks down existing silos and improves patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

  • People and Homes – Create a smart home that can include connected energy or security systems, along with smart appliances that make home life more comfortable, efficient, and secure

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